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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Collection of data of Central Government Staff and Officers - 7th Central Pay Commission

Collection of data of  Central Government Staff and Officers - 7th Central Pay Commission

The Directorate General of Human Resource Development has published an order regarding the 7th Central Pay Commission is collecting data/information of Central government employees and officers on the following aspects.

The Seventh Central Pay Commission has commenced work and is currently engaged in the collection of data and relevant material from the department of Revenue as follows…

1. 7th CPC Questionnaire

2. Statement detailing the allowances payable to officers and staff

3. Data on Personnel-Sanctioned Strength, Number in position, Recruited prior and after 1.1.2004 and vacancies
4. Age profile of employees (All Groups) :
The total number of personnel in position as on 1.1.2014
Those less than 20 years of age
20 or more but less than 30 years of age
30 or more but less than 40 years of age
40 or more but less than 50 years of age
50 or more but less than 60 years of age
60 or more years of age

3.Autonomous bodies under the Ministry/department (as on 01/01/2014)
Number of Central Autonomous bodies :
No of personnel in Central Autonomous Bodies:

4.Data on Expenditure on salaries & Allowances : From 2010-11to 2012-13
1.Total Plan expenditure
2.Plan expenditure on Salaries & Allowances
3. Total non plan expenditure
4. Non plan expenditure on Salaries & Allowances
5. Total expenditure (1+3)
6. Total expenditure on salaries& Allowances (2+4)
7. Expenditure on Grants in aid Salaries

5. Autonomous Bodies
Grants in aid Salaries paid to Central Autonomous Bodies : From 2010-11 to 2012-13

6.Data on Contractual Manpower
Ministry/Departments have in the recent past, outsourced various services through personnel engaged on contractual basis. In this regard the following data is sought:
Man months of deployment at various remuneration levels as given below
a) 10000 and less per month
b) From 10001 to 20000 per month
c) From 20001 to 50000 per month
d) Over 50000 per Month
Expenditure incurred on contract employees

7.Data on Training of Employees

The 7th Central Pay Commission requires immediately the above data/information to proceed further step on the recommendations of pay commission report.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Medical Facilities to Government Employees

Central Government Health Scheme provides medical care to its beneficiaries which include serving as well as retired Central Government employees. The CGHS provides its services through a network of CGHS Wellness Centers which are in operation presently in 25 major cities of the country. Expenditure on medical reimbursement in respect of pensioners is borne by CGHS and in respect of serving employees it is borne by concerned Ministry/ department/office. The pensioner beneficiaries are eligible for credit facility for treatment in CGHS empanelled hospitals. 

Central Services (Medical Attendance) Rules, 1944 are applicable to serving Central Government employees only who are residing in non-CGHS covered areas. Medical attendance is provided by the Authorized Medical Attendant appointed by concerned department. The CS(MA) Rules 1944 are not applicable to pensioners. As per these Rules, there is no provision for issue of medicines and medical reimbursement claims are to be settled by the concerned department/ Ministry. 

The Health Minister stated this in a written reply in the LokSabha here today. 


(Release ID :106945)


Monday, July 14, 2014

Wholesale Price Index (CMWPI) June, 2014:

New Delhi: After rising to a five-month high in May, inflation dipped to 5.43 per cent in June mainly on account of decline in prices of food items and vegetables with the exception of potato and onion.

The DA is now expected around 7%.

Criteria fixed for setting up a Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) dispensary

The below information is tabled to a question in Lok Sabha on 11th July 2014 by the Minister of Helath and Family Welfare Shri Harsh Vardhan as follows...

The criteria fixed for setting up a Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) dispensary in a particular area are as under:-

(i) In an existing CGHS city:- For opening of a new Allopathic CGHS dispensary in an existing CGHS city, there has to be a minimum of 2000 Card holders (serving employees of Central Government and Central Civil pensioners).

(ii) Extension of CGHS to a new City:- For extension of CGHS to a new city, there has to be a minimum of 6,000 Card holders. However, due to financial and other resource constraints it is not always possible to adhere to the above criteria.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Union Budget 2014-15 Highlights

Some relief to individual and salary tax payers, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley presenting Union Budget 2014-15 today in Parliament.

Income Tax exemption limit raised to Rs.2.5 lakh and also raised to Rs 1.5 lakh under Section 80C 

For Senior Citizen tax exemption limit also increased to 3 lakh.

The Central  Government today hiked the exemption limit for investments by individuals in financial instruments to Rs 1.5 lakh under section 80C.

And one more relief to the depositors of Public Provident Fund, the ceiling limit will raised to Rs.1.5. lakh form current level of Rs.1 lakh.

No change in tax rates

No provision for either DA Merger or IR for Central Govt Employees in this budget

Monday, July 7, 2014

DA as on July 2014

The Dearness Allowance for Central Government employees and pensioners may increase to 107% from July 1, 2014 onwards.  CPI as on May 2014 is 244 points which shows an increase of 2 points over April 2014. DA as on May 2014 is 106.17%.  


7th CPC Memorandrum

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Child Care Leave (CCL)

It has been decided to remove the requirement of minimum  period of 15 days' CCL


Six-days a week workdays in Central Government Offices

Central Government Officers may have to work 6 days a week
Deccan Chronical | June 03, 2014

New Delhi: Speculation is rife in various union ministries that the new government under Narendra Modi may revert back to the six-days a week workdays in central government offices after about three decades.
Although there is no move yet by the government in this regard the issue is subject of much discussion among the bureaucrats. It was former PM Rajiv Gandhi who, in the mid-1980s, had decided to go in for the five-day week.
The aim at that time was to promote efficiency since it gave the bureaucrats much-needed rest over the weekend on the assumption that the work-culture would improve during week-days.
The closure of Government offices on Saturdays also resulted in saving of electricity and other expenses of the Centre. But despite the current five-day week, some of the ministers even in the previous UPA-2 government were known to attend office on Saturdays and attend to files and other important work.

DA Merger Issue & IR issues

Com. Shiva Gopal Mishra secretary Staff Side/NC JCM writes to Sh. Arun Jaitely Hon’ble Finance Minister regarding Merger of DA with Basic Pay and Interim Relief 



Saturday, May 31, 2014

Performance-Related Incentive Scheme (PRIS)

Prime Minister may implement performance-based incentives schemes for Central Government Employees.


DA as on April 2014

AICPIN for the month of April 2014 begged at 242

Base Year
Points in
Total Points
Total of
12 Months
12 Months
% Increase
over 115.763
Total DA % DA% Increase
Month wise 
Jan-14 237 -2
2802 233.5 117.74 101.71 101 1
Feb-14 238 1
2817 234.75 118.99 102.79 102 2
Mar-14 239 1
2832 236 120.24 103.86 103 3
Apr-14 242 3 3 2848 237.33 121.57 105.02 105 5

Friday, May 30, 2014

DA Merger demanded

The Staff Side of the JCM has been demanding DA merger and IR issues with 7th CPC.The Chairman, VII CPC, on persistent demand of the Staff Side, NC/JCM, suggested that the Staff Side can submit separate Memorandum on Interim Relief and Merger of Dearness Allowance, so that VII CPC can seek necessary advice from the Government, as to how to deal with these issues since there has been no specific reference in the matter from the Government to VII CPC on these subjects.The Staff Side of the JCM will be submitting  separate Memorandum on DA merger and IR issues with 7th CPC & Government .



Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Submission of Memorandum

The Seventh Central Pay Commission has invited all associations, unions, institutions, other organizations and interested individuals to send memoranda containing their views on the Terms of Reference of the Commission. These memoranda were to be submitted by end of May, 2014, as indicated in the letter dated 29.4.2014/Public Notice that appeared on 4.5.2014.
The Commission has received requests from several quarters that the last date for submission of the memoranda be extended. The matter has been duly considered and it has now been decided by the Commission to extend the last date of submission of memoranda from 31st May, 2014 to 31st July, 2014.


Consumer Price Index April 2014









2010 order

2011 Orders 


Emergency Treatment in CGHS Hospitals

CGHS Hospitals – Getting treatment in emergency conditions
Under emergency conditions, the empanelled hospitals are expected to provide treatment of CGHS beneficiaries in all available specialities…
Private hospitals have been empanelled under CGHS only for such specialities for which they are eligible as per the terms and conditions of empanelment. However under emergency conditions, the empanelled hospitals are expected to provide treatment of CGHS beneficiaries in all available specialities.
“Emergency” shall mean any condition or symptom resulting from any cause, arising suddenly and if not treated at the earliest opportunity would  be detrimental to the health of the patient or shall jeopardize the life of the patient".

CGHS beneficiary attending hospital in emergency: In such a situation the Hospital shall intimate  to BCA within 2 hours of admission and BCA shall respond in 4 hours (however treatment shall not be denied to any CGHS member and this is only an initiation of the e-workflow). Post discharge hospital would upload bills and  download documents as per requirements of CGHS within 72 hours.
In emergency the hospital shall not refuse admission or demand an advance payment from the beneficiary or his family member and shall provide credit facilities to the patient whether the patient is a serving employee or a pensioner availing CGHS facilities, on production of a valid  CGHS card and the hospital shall submit the bill for reimbursement to the concerned Deptt. / Ministry / CGHS.  The refusal to provide the treatment to bonafide CGHS beneficiaries in emergency cases without valid ground, would attract disqualification for continuation of empanelment.
The following ailments may be treated as emergency which is  illustrative only and not exhaustive, depending on the condition of the patient :
Acute Coronary Syndromes (Coronary Artery Bye-pass Graft / Percutaneous, Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty) including Myocardial Infarction, Unstable Angina, Ventricular Arrhythmias, Paroxysmal Supra 
Ventricular Tachycardia, Cardiac Temponade, Acute Left Ventricular Failure / Severe Congestive Cardiac Failure, Accelerated Hypertension, Complete Heart Block and Stoke Adam attack, Acute Aortic Dissection.
Acute Limb Ischemia, Rupture of Aneurysm, Medical  and Surgical shock and peripheral circulatory failure. Cerebro-Vascular attack-Stokes, Sudden unconsciousness, Head injury, Respiratory failure, decompensated lung disease, Cerebro-Meningeal Infections, Convulsions, Acute Paralysis, Acute Visual loss.

Acute Abdomen pain.

Road Traffic Accidents / with injuries including fall. Severe

Hemorrhage due to any cause.

Acute poisoning.

Acute Renal Failure.

Acute abdomen pain in female including acute Obstetrical and Gynecological emergencies.

Electric shock. 

Any other life threatening condition.

Saturday, May 24, 2014


The 8th State Level Conference of the Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers  Karnataka unit was held on 20th may 2014 at Income Tax Office, Queen’s road, Bangalore at 3:00 pm.
Com. Vinod, welcomed the gathering and invited Working President Com. Radhakrishna, Chief Guest Com. Krishnan, and Secretary Com. Prasad to the dias.
The conference was presided over by S.Radhakrishna Working President.
Com. Radhakrisha recalled the yeomen services of the departed comrades Com. O.P.Gupta,  former Secretary General NFPTE Com. Umromal Purohit President AIRF and Secretary Staff Side National Council of JCM Rurohit, Com. Barada Bhattacharya, former Vice President and Aditional Secretary General of Alll India Audit & Accounts Association and veteran leader of CG movement in West Bengal Com. Nagendra, former Circle Secretary R3 and Com. Savanur former Circle Secretary P3 among others. The assembly observed one minute’s silence in honour of the departed comrades.
Introductory Remarks of President:
Com Radhakrishna Working President COC Karnataka then set the note for the deliberations of the convention by highlighting the heritage of Karnataka COC and the path-breaking role it has taken from its inception in 1982.  He recognized that Karnataka COC has successfully implemented all the programmed of the Confederation.  He also described the present scenario where with the new Government policies are likely to move from left of centre to right of centre. He expressed caution since the slogan of the present dispensation with regard to governance viz., Minimum governance and maximum government – could be ominous given the extent of liberalization, privatization and contractualization that has been implemented in the Gujarat model.  However, we will have to watch the performance and policies of the new government before we decide the future course of actions with regard to the activities of the Confederation.  With regard to the 7th Central Pay Commission, he concisely outlined that the COC sought a telescopic scale with the integration of grade pay i.e. the fixing of the minimum and maximum scale with suitable increments in between thus restoring the flexibility which was lost due to the introduction of the Grade Pay system.
He warmly welcomed Com Krishnan who was greeted with a bouquet by Com  Venkataramani
Com. Radhakrishna was greeted with a bouquet by Com Juliana R.Vincent.
Com. P.S.Prasad GENERAL SECRETARY COC KARNATAKA   welcomed all members including from districts representatives such as Bangalore , Hubli, Karwar , Ramangaram , Kolar etc.were present. Secretary Com. P.S.Prasad presented his report. He thanked the Central leadership for their special regard and co-operation to Karnataka COC.  While highlighting that the Karnataka COC had made extensive and sincere efforts to implement all the programmes and calls given by the Confederation and had successfully implemented the same, he thanked the member organizations of the Karnataka COC for their co-operation and inputs and hard work.  He also requested the member organizations to be more involved in the activities of the COC, by participating with greater regularity and numbers in the meetings of the Karnataka COC and in being regular in the financial contributions also.  He warned against being divided along lines of regionalism, language and caste since it would only be detrimental to the cause of the Working Class. He also informed the house at several districts the COC is very active and in coming years the he suggested that all districts the COC will be vibrant.  
He welcomed Com. Krishnan with great pleasure to participate in this 8th State Level Convention of the Karnataka COC.
The report was unanimously accepted.
The statement of accounts had been circulated well in advance and the gathering accepted and passed the accounts unanimously. There was an appeal by the General Secretary COC to all affiliates to contribute @ Rs 5 per member as special contribution for meeting expenditure towards 7th CPC memorandum preparation and conference expenditure. The President of the meeting also requested all affiliates to  special contribution for meeting expenditure towards 7th CPC memorandum preparation and hand it over to Finance Secretary.     

Com. M.Krishnan SECRETARY GENERAL CONFEDERATION congratulated the Karnataka COC for being one of the most vibrant of the State COCs.  He appreciated the contribution of the Karnataka COC not only in organizational matters but also in intellectual contribution.  He particularly appreciated the hard work put in by Com. Prasad in preparing the memorandum to the 7th Pay Commission.  He highlighted how the memorandum had been painstakingly, carefully and scientifically prepared with a lot of research and deep introspection.  He highlighted the major points on which there was consensus with the deliberations of the confederation.  He accepted the suggestions and informed the gathering that the confederation was proud to invite Com Prasad to Delhi for informal talks regarding the submission of memorandum to the 7th CPC at which time due diligence will be paid to the suggestions and the reasoning presented by Karnataka COC.
Com Krishnan also appraised the gathering of the challenges before the confederation in working with other members of the JCM to find common ground and intellectual agreement on the policies to be recommended to the 7th CPC due to the varying needs and ground realities.  But it is heartening that common ground has been identified and the Confederation with its initiative will be presenting a joint memorandum with the JCM to the 7th CPC.
The Confederation being the only organization that envisaged and successfully implemented the demand for the constitution of the 7th CPC 2 years before the due date, was still spearheading the struggle to achieve pay revision every 5 years for Central Government employees and workers. 
Com Krishnan was very hopeful that with the co-operation of the State COCs the joint action with the JCM would give positive results.  But he also cautioned that from past experience it is evident that significant achievement both in wages and in service conditions are achieved only through firm resolve and struggle and therefore we must gear ourselves to carry forward the struggle if need arises till we achieve our rightful demands.
He also urged Karnataka COC to continue its yeomen service and to work towards its growth so that it would be the strongest State COC in the country.
In the 8th State Level Conference the election to the Executive committee of COC Karnataka was held at Income tax office on 20/5/14 and Com Muthukumar declared that following members have been elected unanimously to the executive committee for the period 2014-17 .

Com S.Radhakrishna
Working President
Com S.Venkataramani
NFPE (P-3)
Vice President
Com Jawarayi Gowda
Vice President
Com Juliana Vincent
Survey of India Ministerial Association
General Secretary
Com P.S.Prasad
Joint Secretary
Com Vinod
Joint Secretary
Com M.Ramakrishna
Finance Secretary
Com Dominic Vijay Anand
Postal Accounts
Asst Finance Secretary
Com C.A. Kameshwary
Assistant Secretary
Com D.Jayaraman
Assistant Secretary
Com M.B.Krishnappa
Assistant Secretary
Com Mohan Pai
Assistant Secretary
Com D,K.Bharathi
NFPE (Admin)
Assistant Secretary
Com Vidya Simha
Assistant Secretary
Com L.G.Srinivas
Assistant Secretary
Com Bhaskar
Central Excise Inspectors Association

Com Umesh S. Kamatagi

Adviser's :Com Muthukumar, Com Neelappa & Com  Kamalashenan
The proposals were unanimously accepted and the office bearers were felicitated.
Com P.S.Prasad thanked the Karnataka COC members for having reposed faith in him and for giving him an opportunity to continue serving the Karnataka COC and the Working Class Movement.
Vote of thanks  was proposed by Venkataramani who thanked all members for kind co-operation and Com M.Krishnan Secretary General Confdn for attending this meeting, He also thanked. ITEF for making arrangements for this seminar.
President Com Radhakrishna declared the meeting closed.

Sd president